Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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Re: Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

Thank you for the response. You sound very positive on the 17-55. My high rating for the 17-55 is based partly on what for want of a better word I would call dimensionality. Images seem three dimensional, particularly people. In this respect it is better than the 50 F1.4. Is it the hood on the 24-70 you don't like or the 17-55?

Best wishes


Thomas Streng wrote:

I have a 17-55 and have compared it to some other lenses like the
28/1.4 and the 17-35. My 17-55 outperformed both at least at f2.8 and
f4 regarding sharpnes/resolution.
I also find that the 17-55 might not give the most contrasty images
it delievers very nice transitions between the tones.
I could see how the 24-70 could suit your needs a little better for
shooting portraits. 15 mm is not much but as mentioned before the
difference between using a 82mm lens or 105mm and I think the
difference can be seen.
I wonder how the 24-70 works in regards of bokeh.
Have you compared those 2 lenses sizewise?
Even if I had the 24-70 for kids and portrait photos I think I still
would want the 17-55 for general purpose. Personally I dont like the
big hood.
Cheers, Tom

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