Custom Curves for the D300

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Don't compare tones between the D70 and the D300.

The D70 had a fairly prominent bais towards darker images, which was quite heavily discussed when it was first introduced. To the point that Nikon actually had to publicly post an explanation that tried to justify the somewhat dark images. If you've adjusted your monitor to correct for the D70's dark tone balance, it's not at all surprizing that your finding the D300 over bright.

BTW, I didn't touch my monitor to correct for the D70's dark mid tones, I developed a custom Tone Curve for the camera that allowed me to print my images without any tweaking of the levels. Now that I have the D300, and have loaded the D2x Picture Controls, I am seeing images that are a near match to that Custom Tone curve that I've used in my D70 for 3 years when the D300 is set to the D2x mode 1 Picture Control.

Bottomline, the D300 has a near infinite range of adjustability. Learn how to use those features and you'll be able to tune it to perfection now matter what direction your tastes guide you to. In fact, I believe that a correctly tweaked Tone Curve would make your new D300 produce images that are an exact match to your D70.

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