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Re: D300 Overexposure / Underexposure comments

My D300 is overexposing and I'm in no doubt that it is faulty. I am amazed that some of those reporting a similar experience on the web appear to be happy to 'second guess' the camera by adjusting their output in the PC, or setting a fixed amount of exposure compensation. I shot a fair number of straightforward photographs with the D300 on its default settings, in each case following with my D70 using the same lens at the same aperture and in every case the D300s were over by 2/3 of a stop or even more - all hopeless photographs.

I'm reasonably good at fixing difficult shots in Lightroom, Photoshop or Capture NX but I expect the majority of straightforward shots to be acceptable. The camera is such a beautiful piece of design, with a stunning specification, that it tends to blind you to its purpose - and mine, without doubt, produces useless photographs!

My test pictures were all in my back garden, which I can see from my study. I look at the grass as pictured by the D70 and tone and colour are about as my eye sees them. The D300's equivalent rendition is unacceptably pale, and an odd colour, nothing like the subject. I correct the tone in the PC and the colour is even worse. I would urge all those making excuses for their faulty D300s simply through brand loyalty to return them. Maybe a faulty batch went out and we're unlucky. Is anyone checking out serial numbers to see if there's a pattern?

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