Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55

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field of view versus other cnsiderations

Thank you so much for quanitfying precisely the field of view considerations. It is always good to have some hard facts. The advantage at the long end of the 24-70 is more bokeh and isolation than field of view. If it was just field of view the 17-55 wins. Even for my style of shooting the 17-55 is the more useful range. However, for portraits the 24-70 is better and I do have those other lenses. The 24-70 seems to have (at least based on current information) an unquestionably great performance, whereas there have always been nagging doubts about the 17-55. I managed to produce a number of inexpicably poor images with the samples I had. Possibly some kind of user error.

I have played with the 24-70. It handles like a dream despite its size. Perhaps one should choose the lens that does best the things you do most. That would probably be the 24-70, and there is then full frame. But it certainly is less of a one lens solution.

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