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Re: 12MP on P&S, might be an improvement!

Elhardt wrote:

I think the huge megapixel count is getting ridiculous too, but if
you shoot all your pictures at the full resolution and then scale
them down in Photoshop, pixels get averaged together. That means
noise can be reduced in the averaging process, and fringe or color
bleeding gets reduced to subpixel sizes becoming less visible. So it
might actually be an advantage to have huge MP count.

Not only is what you say true, but you don't even have to downsample them, to benefit, ideally. The reason that images look ugly with noise at 100% pixel view is that the pixels on monitors are HUGE . If nonitors had the resolution of printers (PPI), you wouldn't notice the noise as much when it is finer, but you will appreciate the higher edge definitions. Lines and curves survive small viewing sizes better than single pixel grains of detail or noise.

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