Why shouldn't I get the E-510.

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Why shouldn't I get the E-510.

I posted the same question in the Nikon D80/D70 etc. forum and got some interesting responses. I currently own the D70s, it was my first love and first DSLR bought 2 years ago. I have only 3 lenses, 2 of them Sigma, so I am not heavily invested in the Nikon system. Lately, I have been wanting something new - a telephoto lens, perhaps, for some birding. A few days ago I learned of the E-510 and found a nice deal on one and have been thinking "why get a lens for $800-1000 for birding when I can get a whole new SYSTEM for that much?"

So, back to the point - one Nikonian posted the following:

"From imaging resource

Slow startup and shut-down times
Live View mode is very slow, introducing extreme shutter lag

Optical viewfinder is small and information is displayed off to the right, rather than beneath the image
Has trouble focusing in low light
Manual focus is electronic, not physical
Images are slightly soft overall
Greens are undersaturated
Skin tones are somewhat pale
Auto White balance leaves incandescent shots quite warm
Continuous mode is sometimes inconsistent, slowing every three to four frames

No second Command dial for quick adjustment of both aperture and shutter speed in Manual mode
Tendency to underexpose images indoors, requiring +1.3 EV compensation

Less dynamic range compared to other SLRs means blown highlights and plugged shadows
Flash coverage doesn't fill most of the wide angle frame
Mids of images are often underexposed

Tone curve makes highlight detail hard to maintain as you work on other parts of the image

Hot spots appear at high ISO at very specific exposure times (not good for those doing night photography and certainly not astronomy!)
Menus can be confusing to understand and navigate
Manual is poorly organized
No DC input"

Can you chime in and post some rebuttals to this?

I love the idea of IS, self-cleaning sensor, the smaller size, the 2x crop factor for long-end, but am disappointed that I will have to keep my Sigma 10-20mm lens on my D70s when I want to shoot wide stuff.

Anyway, I await your answers.


Flat view
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