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E-3 AF versatility

Simply trying to provide some info
A bit lenghty, but this is no simple theme either...
Ref. several threads here, regarding the E-3 AF setup.

Basically I will use my E-3 for two very different kinds of photostyles:
1. Landscape
2. Birds/wildlife

This requires very different camera setups regarding AF.
I have therefore created two "My modes" in the E-3,
for quick and easy toggling between the two setups.

Common settings in both modes:
A mode (aperture priority)
WB Auto
C-AF lock ON
AF Area Pointer ON
AF Sensitivity Small
[...] Set Up LOOP

Mode 1 (Landscape):
ISO 100
Single frame burst
Metering ESP (independant)
S-AF (Mode 2)
AF Illuminat. ON

Mode 2 (Birds):
ISO 200
High frame burst 5 fps
Metering ESP+AF (incorporate w/ AF point)
C-AF diamond (centered - Mode 2)
AF Illuminat. OFF

For toggeling between these to modes, I simply press the "MODE" button,
and roll the thumb wheel one click either way.
Quick, precise and easy!
The "My Mode" # is indicated in both the Super Panel display
and in the OVF (1A, 2A - the A indicating A-mode),
so you need not even take the eye from the OVF.

Further I've dedicated the Fn button to the
"AF target home position" (see manual page 55).
I've set the center AF point to be the "Home position".
This ensures that regardless of what AF target frame you might have used last,
a single Fn button touch throws it back to the center point.

Example of use:

Let's say you have done som macro or tripod work, and thus have moved the active AF frame to avoid altering the composition. If you also have set the AF Area Pointer OFF, the active frame does not lit up, and you might forget that the active frame is set i.e. to the lower left corner. Then you risk to go on taking pictures focusing elsewhere in the frame than what you really intend to. So, after such a macro/tripod session, a touch of the Fn button ensures intended focusing.

Comments on why some parameters are chosen:
C-AF lock ON
Less prone to flip off the intended target if panning across other objects,
either in front or behind your target subject.

AF Area Pointer ON
Lits up the active AF target frame.

Makes it easier to place the frame correctly on the target, especially in lowlight situations, and also more important if "AF Sensitivity Small" is set.

AF Sensitivity Small

Better control of where you actually focus, and less confusion if surrounding contrasty details are present in significant amounts close to your desired point of focus.

Metering ESP+AF (incorporate w/ AF point)
Used in My Mode 2.
To enhance the ability to expose at the detail focused upon,
i.e.birds flying by, on a light gray sky.

[...] Set Up LOOP
The C-AF diamond setup used in My Mode 2 will use any neighboring
AF frame to find focus, if no focus is found on the center frame.
This search will then loop through the eligible AF ponts
in the diamond loop path, as described in the manual at page 91.

The E-3 can be utterly customized, and provides versatility also for AF setup.
I might change this as I gain more experience with the E-3,
but as a starting point this seems to work very well.

Any comments/experiences/suggestions?

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