XT/350D long time users- quick question

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Re: XT/350D long time users- quick question

edmondov wrote:

What is the biggest problem you have encountered from wear and tear?

Do you have too many hot or dead pixels from long time use?


Is the AF easily adjustable with other brand lenses?
Did you encounter AF inaccuracies by using Canon and other brand
lenses? Did calibration help with all lenses?

I've had my XT for two years and it has been flawless. I recently ran a
hot/dead/stuck pixel test and the sensor is still clean as a whistle.

I only use one lens, the Sigma 18-50 f/2.8, and it focuses perfectly for me -
never had any problems.

But, the best part is the image quality. The in-camera jpegs are very good,
with little visible effects from internal processing. The raw image quality is
where this camera really shines. The files are very clean, colorful, detailed,
and quite noise-free. With C1, I've never had a need to apply any NR, unless
I'm shooting at 1600.

I've been tempted to upgrade many times, but to me, the 8mp XT sensor
is right where it should be, in terms of overall image quality.


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