New Version of 5D with more pixels - Canon CEO's response?

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Re: 5D competitor from Nikon soon?

As I believe, affordable full frame would be there soon. This is the trend. And APS-C sensor would become cheaper and cheaper. I always try not to invest in EF-S lenses to wait for the coming of that day!

Anastigmat wrote:
The second half of the article is an interview of the Nikon
executive. He seems to be suggesting that Nikon will not keep upping
the pixel count, since it will only increase prices and slow down
transmission of image files through the web, but that at the right
moment, an increase in image quality will occur.

That to me signals the megapixel race may be slowing, and that Nikon
will bring out an affordable full frame to compete with the 5D.


Johnny Novice wrote:

You may check the following link and other sites about the responses:

I could not remember the URL of the translator.



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