New Version of 5D with more pixels - Canon CEO's response?

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Re: 5D competitor from Nikon soon?

Bernie Ess wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

The second half of the article is an interview of the Nikon
executive. He seems to be suggesting that Nikon will not keep upping
the pixel count, since it will only increase prices and slow down
transmission of image files through the web, but that at the right
moment, an increase in image quality will occur.

They cannot afford to stay significantly behind the competition in
terms of resolution. Rightnow their top cam is 12MP which is - by
todays standards - no longer the high end. Canons 1ds 3 seems to be
quite good in the IQ department, so they need to adress this, and I
am pretty sure they will, and soon.


Yes, I agree and I am sure Nikon is working on a high pixel count full frame to do battle with the 1DSIII. The 1DIII is 10mp and it is high end, or at least high end in price. However, I believe he was indeed hinting at moving to bigger sensors (i.e. full frame) to address the image quality of Nikon cameras.

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