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Ohh goodie:) I found a guy that'll sponsor me with a "mysite.something.net" web address:) Things are starting to fall to place... I've also found a guy that live in sweden that can give me a hot meal and a shower when I pass throu:) This guy I've meet one or to times before... Nice guy- good to know:) I like the way this is heading...

Mvh. Mr_Lang

Mr_Lang wrote:


I'm a 24 year old student that live in the nothern part of Norway,
not far from Sweden. I finish my studies this spring and some time
after that I plan to get a job as an engeneer. But I have the whole
summer free for the first time in 12 years. So I thought that I
might travel out in the world with no spesific target as a
holliday. So the best alternative for me is to borrow my friends
car and head into Sweeden. I first thought about taking friends
with me, but desided that this is something that I want to do for
myself and I want to feel the freedom of not having to obey to any
planing and other peoples wishes. After some research I found to
major happenings in sweeden that I would like to attend to. One
festival with lots of cool music and one Top Fuel Drag-razing
competition. These to events can easily be combined as its only 2
weeks between them and these to weeks I could spend driving around
looking at tourist attractions, taking photos and spending the day
in cities. All togheter this trip will last from 3 to 4 weeks.

My plan:

As you might expect from me posting this at dpreview, I enjoy
taking pictures. So this will be a sentral part of my holliday. And
this is where it start to become interesting. Why not put up a
webside that I on a dayly basis update with pictures and a travel
diary. This would naturally contain graphic describing of what the
scene was like when I took my photos, experiences I have on my trip
and thoughts about what its like to spend my time traveling alone
in a foren country. I could even write about people that I meet and
their experiences. This page will be open to anyone that want to
follow me over the internet. I could have a forum where people can
come with examples of activities and where I could come with direct
feedback on things that people are interested in. People will also
have the posibillity to contact me directly. This will be a kind of
reality internet as opposed to reality tv.


I'll do all the programing myself, so this is no problem. I have
server space thats far beyond what I probobly would need for a
project like this.


Nobody will find it interesting and I'll put down alot of hard work
for nothing...

My question:

Do you fine folks have any ideas as to how this can be done?
Anything to add to the plan? And most of all- is this something
that people can fint interesting and something that will be
interesting enough to make people check back the next day?

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