New Version of 5D with more pixels - Canon CEO's response?

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Wizard65 wrote:

Harry Lime wrote:

  • Weathersealed.

I am definitely in the market for a 5D and am willing to wait ...
however ... if the camera is not completely weather-sealed I will
pass. It just makes no sense to hang "L" class glass ... which is
weather-sealed ... on a non-weather-sealed camera. Quite frankly, I
am getting a bit tired of all this "protecting another product at the
cost of this product" BS. If you make the damn things, let each
stand of it's own ... let the market drive your sales. Stop screwing
around with your customers. Cheers ...


All manufacturers do it to some extent. They will always make you pay more if they possibly can. How much does a day/night lever on the rear view mirror cost? How much does an aperture coupling ring cost? A couple of bucks in both cases. But these niceties are sometimes missing from low end automobiles and cameras, respectively.

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