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I'll look into that:) Actually I have a bunch of friends from back home that race rally cars... Just local heroes- no big names, but If I'm lucky I'll bump into them if I go to the right racing strips at the right time:] Might get some interesting inside shots if I'm lucky:] I heard earlier that one of them might enter with his streetcar to Pite-Drag. Not shure if thats gonna happend, but It would be fun:)

Like I say- I have about 2 weeks to travel south and if I get as far as Anderstorp I'm shure to stop by:)

Any other interesting places to visit? Altho Norway border to Sweden- Its amazing how little I know about our brothers in the east... Bet It'll be interesting to learn about their country:)

I'll keep posting as I plan my trip... Still have some variables that havent been calculated... Like the car... I have to do some serious mecanical work to get it into shape, but in 2 weeks time I'll drive back to my fathers workshop and get my fingers dirty...

Mvh. Mr_Lang

Davis wrote:

Great! Let's see it!

I'm American but spent lots of time in southern Sweden (Anderstorp)
and have family there. Like Norway, Sweden has wonderful people and
very beautiful countrysides.
Since you mentioned that you are going to a drag strip I just
thought I'd put in a plug about the Scandinavian Raceway in
Anderstorp. Its an ex-Formula 1 track with much of its racing done
in Spring and Summer. Some of the biggest names in racing have been
there and it still continues to host some very exciting racing.
(Swedish Touring Cars and Rallying are some good examples)
I look forward to see your voyage thru Sweden, great idea! PLease
keep us posted and give us the website (if different from this
forum) that you'll use to show pictures and give details of your
trip. Make sure to keep your camera dry though as it rains a bunch
in Sweden.


Ohio, USA

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