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Great! Let's see it!

I'm American but spent lots of time in southern Sweden (Anderstorp) and have family there. Like Norway, Sweden has wonderful people and very beautiful countrysides.

Since you mentioned that you are going to a drag strip I just thought I'd put in a plug about the Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp. Its an ex-Formula 1 track with much of its racing done in Spring and Summer. Some of the biggest names in racing have been there and it still continues to host some very exciting racing. (Swedish Touring Cars and Rallying are some good examples)

I look forward to see your voyage thru Sweden, great idea! PLease keep us posted and give us the website (if different from this forum) that you'll use to show pictures and give details of your trip. Make sure to keep your camera dry though as it rains a bunch in Sweden.


Ohio, USA

Mr_Lang wrote:
I just traded one of my linux servers for an "old" laptop. It got 4
gb harddrive... so I would probably have to make some pitstops at
local internet cafees... As for internet connection- I could use a
celular phone with ir module to upload images and text... And If I
make an usable web admin frontend I could upload without too much
cost. Larger updates and hires images could be uploaded at internet

Maybe I should start to look around for sponsors that could pay for
my online time:] Who knows:) I also thougt about a system that
people could sign up for a postcard from one of my pitstops...
maybe I could use paypals to charge $1 for a postcard with some
nice local image on:]

Mvh. Mr_Lang

Jim wrote:

Of course you know you'll need a laptop and a remote internet
connection to accomplish this. I'd be very much interested in
seeing your online travel journal. I've never had the means to
travel abroad, so i just love to see stuff like you want to do to
learn about things in unknown lands. Good luck!
God Bless,

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