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I just traded one of my linux servers for an "old" laptop. It got 4 gb harddrive... so I would probably have to make some pitstops at local internet cafees... As for internet connection- I could use a celular phone with ir module to upload images and text... And If I make an usable web admin frontend I could upload without too much cost. Larger updates and hires images could be uploaded at internet cafees...

Maybe I should start to look around for sponsors that could pay for my online time:] Who knows:) I also thougt about a system that people could sign up for a postcard from one of my pitstops... maybe I could use paypals to charge $1 for a postcard with some nice local image on:]

Mvh. Mr_Lang

Jim wrote:

Of course you know you'll need a laptop and a remote internet
connection to accomplish this. I'd be very much interested in
seeing your online travel journal. I've never had the means to
travel abroad, so i just love to see stuff like you want to do to
learn about things in unknown lands. Good luck!
God Bless,

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