Back lashed- Don't buy Epson Printer

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Re: Back lashed- Don't buy Epson Printer

fastglass wrote:

We use Epson & HP printers & OEM ink/ laser cartridges exclusively
(NEVER hav used non-OEM) - but we will strongly reconsider buying new
Epson Printers in the future for their anti-compeditive position &
monopolistic victory.

Competition is good for the consumer - & we will do our best to
support those companies that can compete without monopolistic legal
victories/ practices.

One other cost of Epson's position is we are no longer given
$-credits to recycle Epson cartridges at our local retailer - but
still do recieve $-credits for our HP's.

Viva HP ! ! !

ps. Good post.

pps. For those who are "weary" of this (or any other subject) -
Why did you open the thread?

Why did you compound YOUR MISTAKE by bothering to post?

If you cannot address an author's topic in a constructive way -
PLEASE don't post & bother everyone else with your whining.

HnewY . . .

(c) fastglass

Please. 'Anti-competitive'? It's called a business model. Microsoft's anti-competitive when they buy companies to kill competitive technology and kill it, or when they punish hardware (PC) manufacturers for not bundling MS bloatware add-ons with every PC sold, etc., etc.,...

What Epson's doing, as many have already stated better than I, is that Epson would be criminally remiss to ignore the ACTUAL anti-competitive 3rd party ink guys who steal Epson's ink technology and violate their patents.

If straight-up, free market capitalism and Epson's pursuing a legal remedy to what amounts to anti-competitive corporate theft (which is what technological reverse-engineering is), is too much for your delicate sensibilities to withstand, then buy another printer, and keep the marketplace competitive THAT way.

Epson, I'm certain, will somehow manage to survive without you.

Calm down. This ain't Fair Trade Coffee we're talking about here.

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