Is FX33 worth extra $100 vs FX30?

Started Jan 3, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP tapir Veteran Member • Posts: 3,860
Re: Is FX33 worth extra $100 vs FX30?

linuxworks wrote:

I've never found the fx's to vary THAT much. they are small
convenience snapshooters in full auto mode, only.

if you can get an fx that is $100 cheaper than some other, go for it.
no fx can compete with the next pany mini, the lx, for example. so
fx of one type to fx of another is kind of like splitting hairs.

That's all true, Bryan. Though those small lowly FX shooters have same small overloaded sensors as dandy LX and similarly suffer from narrow DR and tendency to blow highlights. Thus they can also benefit from spot metering and lowering the contrast when needed. It makes a difference. Also similar small Canons and others have this.

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