Canon 420EX vs Sigma 530 DG ST

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Re: 420EX has one big drawback IMHO...

As before... FEC is good for most shots, but if you want to reduce the flash output by more than -2EC (1/4th power) then you're outta luck. With manual, you can go far lower; 1/64th on my 430EX. That's like -6EC if I'm doin' me math correctly.

Give you an example... I sometimes use the 430EX at a mere 1/32th to optically trigger some studio strobes, but not add any appreciable light, of it's own, to the shot.

Also, using FEC is not a fixed and predictable burst [read amount] of light; flash output is still governed by what E-TTL "sees".

Don't get me wrong, I think the 420EX flash is a great unit, but I do miss Manual firing mode; no biggy for most people and/or 99% of shots.


Alain D wrote:
Althought you can set the FEC in the camera (XT and later) to
increase/decrease the flash power, so wouldn't that take care of it ?

secheese wrote:

... you cannot set it to fire manually. ie. It will only do E-TTL,
which is fine for most shots, but dammit... when manual is required,
it's sure nice to have. I would recommend the 530EX over the 420EX.

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Alain D

Rebel X T / 3 5 0 D
sigma 1 7 - 7 0 mm f2.8/4.5
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sigma 1 8 - 2 0 0 mm f3.5/6.3
flash 4 2 0 E X

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