my new 70-200 F4 IS sees first light

Started Dec 29, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: my new 70-200 F4 IS sees first light

That one of the three golden leaves made me say 'Wow'!! Is that how it came
from the camera? It's eye-popping!

Thanks. The original picture has the three leaves in the sunlight and the background in the shade. I mucked with it in Photoshop a little (not much) to achieve the result you see now. First I played with Levels to black out the background and then I tweaked the color hue and saturation to change the leaves from yellowish to the more vibrant orange you see now. Lastsly I applied the default sharpening you get from Photoshop's 'Sharpen' filter. That's it.

Jim Miller

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