Torn between Nikon and Canon

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Torn between Nikon and Canon

I'm current researching for my next (and first) DSLR purchase. And I'm totally torned between Nikon and Canon. I can't decide which system to buy into. I'm currently using the Fujifilm s6000fd/s6500fd. I love this camera. I love the colours that comes out of it. I've had it for almost a year now, and I feel I'm ready to move up to a DSLR because I still find that in certain situation, the s6000fd is still lacking because I don't have the option to get faster glass, etc.

I know that if I buy into Canon, I would start with a Rebel XTi. And if I buy into Nikon, I would start with the D80. Lens selection wise, I know both have a very wide range. But I have people tell me that Nikon has better and sharper "consumer" lens than Canon, that I would need to spend big bucks to get sharp "L" series lens.

I looked up the reviews of the above cameras, plus a few more here on this site. I noticed that the photo comparisons tests that the Canon seem to always do better than the Nikon in terms of noise management, detail retention, and sharpness. That seem to contradict what I was told... am I missing something?

And like I said, I love how the colours are so vibrate with my Fuji. Seems to me that Canon is able to match that better. Photos I've seen from Nikon appear a bit too "flat" to me... and people's skin tone looks horrible. Is that just a matter of using the correct settings with the Nikon?

Any input and opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks~

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