Point and Shoot: Only First Hand Users and Reviewers Here Please.

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Re: Point and Shoot: Only First Hand Users and Reviewers Here Please.

I agree. You want to much here.
I advise a different approach entirely;

See, I was immediately going to recommend the SD1000, and then as I read on, I saw you already have it!

So start there, and pick it apart by listing the things you don't like about it. At least it's a reasonable starting point (especially since it's such a popular camera.) I think it's easier in your case to whittle away the list than to get shots in the dark from all angles, especially because I wholy agree with LeRentier; people are naturally going to say what they currently own is the best ever, either because they had better like it for all they spent on it (j/k), or because they haven't owned that many different cameras.
I have only owned three Canons, what do you suppose I would say?

A note about that megapixel race; don't let more MP dictate your choice. In my research (and I think most will agree with regards to P&S cameras) the more MPs, the longer it'll take shot to shot. CHANCES are, if your shot to shot time is very quick with a high MP P&S, the camera is doing a bit too much "quicky processing", and you may get blocky images. (Just what I've read.)

The 8 MP Sony Cybershot with the 5x optical Carl Zeiss lens appealed to me, but I ended up going for the more gadgety Canon TX1.

LeRentier wrote:

Do you realize there is nobody who can help you ? YOU have to make up
your mind.

Only people who have a camera shop get a theoretical chance to handle
everything there is on the market.

Most people will either defend whatever they purchased for themselves
or go the other way around and say it was a piece of junk they bought
and how sorry they qre they followed advice given on this very forum.

I suggest you make a list of all the features a camera can have and
which have some sort of meaning to you.
Sort those features by their relative importance and divide them in
sections like : must have, important, nice to have, don't really
care. Put values on those features.
Check the specs of each camera you consider and add the points they

By whatever comes on top of the list, unless it only comes in pink.
If two cameras get the top scores, flip a coin.

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