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roger lafrite New Member • Posts: 13
6 days and no reply by le rentier

perhaps he has noting to declare and he has seen nothing like his friend the worst tester ronan loaec ?

roger lafrite wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

If Lafrite's opinion is that the magazine should have done better
than maybe he is in a position to create new test protocols which are
better adapted to the ever more complex cameras and lenses and thus
has a fantastic business opportunity.

The VELOCITY TEST engines exist and it uses by la fnac and chasseur
by example

Perharps you are playing the idiot ?

Here I put the pictures of their test showing that chasseur have
tested a bad copy !!!!

to be clear when a camera take it last sharp image a 25 meters when
the previous model the mark II take his last sharp image at 13 meters
it has obviously a problem

if you think it's not you LIES
when chasseur give five stars at this camera and write they didn't
have seen a camera with AF problem they LIES

Now if you have an explanation to explain how a markIII fail at 25
meters and a e3 olympus at only 3 meters I am interested in your

note in photim the saff of chasseur prefer put me out of the forum
Rather than answer me.

Now can you ask this question on photim and ask for an answer ? If
you do it thank you in advance. I am very interested in the resplies
of ronan loaec.

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