New Version of 5D with more pixels - Canon CEO's response?

Started Dec 29, 2007 | Discussions thread
Harry Lime Regular Member • Posts: 264
Re: Google Translation...

We will launch powerful products. A new version of the middle range
5D will be launched with more pixels and enhanced reliability in the
market. This will be the best of the DSLRs in the same price

Magic eight ball says:

  • 16MP

  • 14bit

  • More durable shutter, probably with dust removal

  • Weathersealed. Lets hope Canon doesn't screw us on this one and do a half backed job, because they think they need to defend sales of the 1D series.

  • Same introductory price of original 5D

If this comes true I will buy one. If they drop the ball on the sealing, I'll go Nikon.

There is no reason why such an expensive camera should be lacking in this department.

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