Put your oldies curves inside your Picture Controls

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Put your oldies curves inside your Picture Controls

You can have 9 customised Picture Controls.
They can be "created" by modifying a Nikon Picture Control.

However, you can modify those customised picture controls in order to have your oldies curves inside. One curve inside each customised picture control.

Oldies curves : (Replace xxx by http://www )
xxx.digitalkb.com/... ... tone_curves/my_curves/sreala/version_two
Those curves are from D70 or D200.

You must connect your D300 to your PC. Then use ViewNX (File/Picture Control Utility) to :

1 - Duplicate by copy using one Nikon D300 Picture Control (Standard or Neutral)

2 - Import a curve of your choice to that copy (Check the case : "Use Custom Curve" so that you can load your curve)
3 - Export this new Picture Control with its curve inside to your Camera
4 - Disconnect your Camera

5 - Go to menu and import your new Picture Control as you used to do with D2X Picture Control.
6 - Rename your new Picture Control (Velvia_Fuji, ....).

Hope that could help.

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