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Re: Quite true, however we can effect the responxe of the

monte12345 wrote:

translation between the sensor and the final image. Which is, in
fact, all that Ansel's manipulations during development did.

there are two parts to it. first, getting the scene into the dynamic range (that is essentially what matrix metering is trying to do) - that is, controlling exposure. second, controlling film contrast to print on grade 2 paper - this can be done now in raw conversion using camera curves and to lesser extent (if we want to maintain maximum image quality) in postprocessing using "regular" curves. however there is more to it as curves over composite color channel affect not only the tonality, but the color itself (less so if the curves are in linear gamma).

more, implications of noise while manipulating image in digital are something you will hardly encounter using low speed format film.

differences between sensor and film are really important to understand before trying to apply here any methods developed for LF film verbatim.

not to mention that zone system was developed by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer to help them teach students.

I do however see your point, if you don't get the exposure correct in
the first place

that was the point of Adams and Archer; and many before and after them

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