Custom Curves for the D300

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Quite true, however we can effect the responxe of the

translation between the sensor and the final image. Which is, in fact, all that Ansel's manipulations during development did. He really didn't chance the true sensitivity of the film he was using but his work did have a distinct effect on the regions of the film's sensitivity range BETWEEN DMax and Dmin. Which is where we really perceive the level of an exposure.

I do however see your point, if you don't get the exposure correct in the first place, your working with a less that ideal starting point and cannot expect the best results.

Which is why I cannot say that the D300 overexposes. The more that I experiment with it's different features, the more that I am becoming convinced that it's exposing the image properly. It's just that the default "standard" picture set has the mid tones biased a bit brighter than many of us find acceptable. Which has led to all the posts about overexposure concerns.

Fortunately, due to this thread, I now can try out various settings in NX and see how a typical image is effected. To be frank, Nikon did a lousy job with the help system for NX. Whithout Bronwyn's help I don't think that I would have ever found out the camera controls available within NX and was getting frustrated. Anyhow, in playing with some sample images, I have found that I am really liking the D2x Mode 1 Picture Control set. So, that is what it's now set to and I'll just keep experimenting and see what it does.

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