D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: D3 sensor efficiency: clarity requested

Peter Facey wrote:

Thanks. Yes, I had read Emil's paper. It's a pity that so far no one
has posted any RAW D3 images suitable for gain analysis. I still
don't know where Emil gets his 13.1 from.

From a flawed measurement of a sample raw image posted on the web of a preproduction D3. I later went back with better methodology and reanalyzed the image as well as several others, reporting the results above

the range was 15.1 on the low side to 16.0 on the high side, with a mean of 15.4. I don't regard this as a final result, the source images are not the best for this sort of analysis and it would be vastly better to have test images taken specifically for the purpose.

Of course, now that the D3 is out one could do the job properly, if someone were willing to supply the necessary raw files.

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