Custom Curves for the D300

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Bronwyn, try reading The Negative by Ansel Adams.

And pay close attention to the reasons why he invented the Zone System. It's a sytem for manipulating the Dynamic response curve of an image recording device, in his case Black & White film. Which was what he had to work with when he was alive. I am quite sure that if he were alive today, he would be constantly experimenting and tweaking curves in order to make his camera produce the image that he envisioned when he recorded the image. That is what Photography really is all about, producing the perfect image in the perception of it's creator. Not hammering an image so that it produces an "ideal" histogram or fits some mathematical profile.

Now, I can't say that the D300 over exposes it's images. To my eye, the mid tones are a touch right centric in the "standard" picture control set but it's no more that 1/2 stop. Set to "Neutral" the exposure seems dead on but the contrast seem slightly flat. Set to the D2x mode 1, it produces images that are a near match for the custom curve that I tweaked up for the D70. So we have 3 different mode settings that can produce distinctly different images without touching the exposure values.

Point is that this camera can be adjusted in widely divergent ways to suit it's user. So if someone wants to learn about different approaches, there isn't any need to get hostile. They aren't ignoring your suggestions, they just have different tastes than yours and want to learn how to adjust the camera to fit their needs. Which is really what this forum is all about, helping each other to figure out how to use a superb instrument.

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