Custom Curves for the D300

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Re: Custom Curves for the D300

“ noted earlier, could be monitor differences (mine is calibrated with a Spyder 2) or just personal preference. They look good to me, but if I was going to print them, I'd probably hit the birds with a color control point adjustment to kick up the contrast and saturation (not brightness) just a bit. The posted images were never brought into Photoshop and I really didn't do too much to them in NX either for that matter. The purpose of the post wasn't to say "hey, look at my pretty birds" but to show what came out of camera with a -1.0 exposure compensation dialed in and to show how good the AF system worked in tough conditions…”

I use a pair of Sony GDM20seII (Dealer Cost $1800 ea) color balanced with the Spyder2Pro. I also use CaptureNX 1.3, Photoshop CS2, and do my own printing to an Epson SPR1800 using Epson Paper. Yardbird_01.jpg is under exposed by at least one stop and maybe 1 1/3 stops. This image needs its black and white points set before any other processing is done. Having downloaded the jpeg and opening it in ViewNX I am able to see the focus point, Had you not mistakenly had the EV compensation set to -1 it would have been spot on or off by no more than 1/3 of a stop. As this image has been cropped I cannot determine what area the spot meter was covering, but even so this clearly does not make for an underexposed image, but quite the opposite an image that is dead on or very nearly so, and the histogram backs this statement up.

In your initial post you described your impression/opinion of several issues, and then asked if anyone had played with “custom curves”. Now this is a forum where people do just this, listing symptoms and then asking for help. Here you have listed symptoms, but made you own diagnosis, and are clearly refusing to listen to the advice of others, and if you don’t like what they say utter something profound like:

…must be something wrong with your D300...


…you must be a Canon cross-over...

If you are unwilling to accept or even listen to constructive criticism (not always the most polite) then you are no longer worth my time in trying to help you any more!

Have fun with your curves.

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