What memory cards for D300 (found some on sale)

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What memory cards for D300 (found some on sale)

Currently I have the following cards

2002 SanDisk 256MB $235/each two of them
2004 Lexar 50x 512MB $160
2005 Kingston Elite Pro 1GB 12x $99/each

With the D300+14-Bit Lossless, it seems these cards won't do too well.

256MB 16 Photos
512MB 32 Photos
995MB 64 Photos
Total photos I can hold on current cards 256 total.

Now Futureshop has SanDisk Ultra II cards on sale for $19.95/1GB and $44.95/2GB. How well would these cards preform in the D300, esp when under 6fps (12-bit) load (say a 5s burst)? Money is an issue so I need to spend wisely (as I will need 2x500GB drives for Aperture to store all these photos (and 95GB of the 470GB is already accounted for (current photos).

Thanks all
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