Best Olympus Kit for 1 Week in Cancun, Mexico.

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No problem..but one clarification

When I said don't take your camera to the beach I meant not to take your DSLR to the beach. Believe me when I say it's the finest sand you'll ever see. It was like finely crushed salt almost a powder. Definitely take your point and click but you risk damaging your DSLR if you take it because of the grain size it will easily work its way into the zoom lens and every crack and crevice of the camera body. Your waterproof PS will be protected but no DSLR can take that sand. It would totally get into any bag and you'd hate to ruin a nice camera. Unless you never put your bag on the sand and almost don't pull it out at all. HAHA! It's just a suggestion but I wasn't going to risk it with mine. I just took it back and brought my P&S out.

Xcaret is only about oh...maybe 25mins south of Cancun and most hotels will have a days excursion out there. It's a bit like a Disneyland but all about nature and it really is lovely. When you get in there they have lots of free shows, animals, displays and even fun things like a snorkling route, swim with dolphins, fish, ancient Mayan rituals done by people in costume. It's quite fun and a lot of relaxing things to do as well. You can get there in the morning and do it leisurely and relax all day into the night. The evening Extravaganza is quite elaborate full of the history of Mexico with costumes, singing and lots of show. I wasn't keen on it before going but when I got there I wanted to go back.

Cancun is not like Acapulco at all. It's much much more American college drunk stuff. I wasn't so crazy about that because it's not really like leaving the States until you get out of the area. A personal preference of mine however.

Any nice bag that will protect your kit from the elements will do.

As far as flash you'll be fine with the FL-20. Just something small to fill in and even the onboard flash should suffice in most cases.

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