Custom Curves for the D300

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Re: Custom Curves for the D300

ron wrucke wrote:

I personally think it’s time to just admit that the D300 seems to
have a tendency to over-expose images.

Personally, I don't believe that is true.

I really don’t have a problem
with that. My old D100 under-exposed everything, so I loaded up a
custom curve which pretty much acted like a general fix .. it’s still
loaded up. I’m not sure what the fix is for my D300, but it needs

You can easily make the d300 adapt to the way the d100 produced images. If that is what you want, that is what you should do.

backyard songbirds. I was amazed at how fast the lens combo and
D300 could find focus ( I was using Continuous focus mode, Spot
metering, with Dynamic Area Mode (9 points) ... much, much more
'efficient' than on my old D100.

I agree, the d300 pro AF is an incredible improvement over the consumer AF of the the d100 and other consumer bodies, just as is the the d2 series CAM2000.

OK .. so back to exposure .. I forgot that exposure compensation
doesn’t reset when you turn the camera off, so the attached were all
shot with a 1-stop negative compensation. However, out of the camera
they looked just about spot-on exposure-wise. I took one of the
bird pics into NX, put in a +1-stop compensation, and then played
with the curve a bit just to see how much adjustment was needed.

This is confusing and contradictory to me. If the photos with -1EV were spot-on, why would you then adjust them +1EV in post? That means that there is no overexposure for your tastes because you had to compensate the same amount in post as if you'd have taken the shot with no EV compensation.

Both of these photos look to me to be approximately -.6EV underexposed for the subject. IME, if I were to print these at the lab that I use, I'd have to apply at least a +.6EV to get the print to look properly exposed for the subject. Of course, the 2nd shot significantly exceeds the camera's DR, so the specular highlights will be blown.

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