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Re: D300 Overexposure / Underexposure comments

ron wrucke wrote:

.. as noted elsewhere, I was shooting 'faces', not scenes so Spot
should have been good. Regarding bouncing the flash (I'm OK with my
flash and how to use it), if I was expecting too much from the flash
then the images should have underexposed ..

I see...most of the "exposure problems" are from people like you who don't have a clue about metering. You spot metered off the faces and then wondered why you have to use EV compensation. Are the faces middle grey? Because only if you spot metered off a middle grey tone do you not need compensation.

I appreciate the comprehensive response; as noted previously, I'm
scratching my head over the need to dial in so much compensation with
the flash, since about two days earlier I had some great results
shooting under much more difficult conditions (a Christmas pageant
from a church balcony) and no compensation was required ... maybe my
problems are due to Mr. Murphy .. ??

No compensation required with spot meter? You were lucky.

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