Custom Curves for the D300

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Thanks, got that far, however...

I am still not sure about saving a custom curve as a Picture Control from NX.

BTW, I tried a workaround that allowed me to not have to connect my camera to the computer. My system has a card reader built in so I just copied the Nikon folder directly to the root of the CF card for the D300 and loaded the D2x modes into the camera. That worked jsut fine and saved some steps.

Wiht Capture 4 I could load a custom curve and it would show up with all it's adjustments in the Levels dialog. So I could try and tweak a curve after testing it's effect in the camera. In NX I cannot find anyway to load a curve in it's "native" state. About all I have been able to do is save it as an application routine for the batch processor. Which works fine once the curve is perfect but it makes re-adjusting an existing curve a near endless loop of trial and error because I don't have any record of my last experiment point. The curve is applied and the Levels dialog just shows a straight line, not the custom curve that I am working on. I also cannot find any method for saving a set of settings as a .NOP file so the it can be loaded to the camera.

BTW, the NX help system refers to a camera adjustment subset for accessing Picture Controls but I'll be damned if I can find a Camera Adjustments menu anywhere within NX. Frankly, I am starting to think that NX is a giant step backwards.

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