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Re: To the understanding of sRaw

John Sheehy wrote:

If Canon wants to make smaller files, they can start by dropping
worthless, marketing-gimmick bits from the RAWs. ISO 100 only needs
12 bits; ISO 3200 only 9 bits without losing any shadow detail. The
dropped bits are less compressible than the ones that remain.

well, in the case of the 40D, there's provable increase in DR of around 1/2 stop in the shadows (as per dpreview), and they are assuming it's because of 14 bit mode. also the overall lattitude of a 40D RAW file is more than a 30D raw file ... and that's with an increased pixel density.

so I'm not quite sure it's "worthless". it's a YMMV thing on whether or not what it captures is important to your photography and what you do with the RAW data.

I have a feeling we're going to be seeing alot of sRAW .. as canon has been whispered around that it's next rendition of sensor technology will really focus on the hardware binning as methods of reducing noise (purportedly a 2 stop gain in ISO noise) - and I would presume they could also increase DR with clever binning as well), as the 40-60Mp low voltage CMOS sensors are the next significant generation of canon sensors.

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