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Re: Metering

Well on the birds spot is not going to matter but you stated you were using spot when taking pics of your kids with flash.....If you pointed at an area and did not lock in focus your metering is going to change...Thus you having to compensate way down....

As a side not----Most people are stating they are having problems with hotter pics in Matrix and not spot or centerwt...

The first bird pic looks good but the second looks darker to me...Might be what you like as stated....Are these Org files?? If not post some Direct from cam

ron wrucke wrote:

nikond2000 wrote:

Has anyone addressed the SPOT metering issue as well....I think you
said you were using SPOT....Did you lock in the exposure if so?? If
not that will blow the scene big time...
On my monitor the birds pics look dark compared to other shots on the

Or were you using matrix??

.. as noted in the original post, I was using Continuous focus mode,
Spot metering, with Dynamic Area Mode (9 points). Why do you think
using Spot metering will blow the scene, if the 'spot' was dead-on
the bird .. ??

re. 'dark birds', my monitor is calibrated (Spyder II) and they look
fine to me, but maybe I like them darker than you ...

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