Will the 28-135 be enough?

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Re: 28-135 IS is a good choice

therickman wrote:

Any way you go about it, buy the 28-135 kit regardless and then sell
it if need be. I screwed up majorly and bought the 40D body, then
ended up buying the 28-135 full price two months later. But oh how I
do love my 85 f/1.8...

I think this is an important point -- you can get this lens so cheaply when it's part of a kit and it's a nice lens to have around. It has suited me fine for the 20 days I've used it so far :-), but I already have purchased a 50/1.8 and a 18-55 IS (Christmas gifts).

btw, I used a free tool called "ExposurePlot" ( http://www.cpr.demon.nl/prog_plotf.html ) to determine the most common focal lengths of my past shots with a P&S and found that 75% of them fell within the 28-90mm range (on a P&S camera that had a 28-200mm lens). These are all 35mm equivalents, of course. This tool also shows the aperture ranges which were all skewed toward f2.0-2.8 for me (I don't like using flash - ha!). I don't know if that helps you any, but I thought it was a good exercise as I tried to determine where to spend my Christmas gift certificate most effectively.

You will enjoy that 28-135 lens for sure!

Cheers & good luck,

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