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Re: D300 Overexposure / Underexposure comments

Having used many Canon and Sony cameras for the past 6 years I know they did constantly expose accurately and consistantly and preserved highlight detail well.

The D300's I have used in the past month do not do this.

At the moment I am unsure if this is due to tone curve or over exposure at first I must admit I thought it was simply over exposure.

If it is over exposure from what I can see it varies from +0.3 EV to as much as +1.0 EV. If it is the tone curve yes pulling down the mid point of the tone curve does appear to do sort of do the trick, but my pictures look better by reducing the exposure in matrix mode.

Don't forget many of you may be fortunate in having a good D300 that exposes correctly but there are many users in both the US and UK that are reporting exposure problems.

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Dave Hammond

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