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Warning: illegal in some countries

Thanks Dave for the info, and in particular for taking the time to do the movie!

The following countries:
France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands and Slovenia

have tight regulations concerning radio emissions. As a result the use of the wireless remote may be illegal in these countries.

I'm familiar with the case of France. A few channels are allowed for small remote-controlled plane models and the like (27 MHz, etc.), and a few others require a permit. Otherwise all radio emissions are forbidden. Since the Phottix N1 uses 433 MHz, the chances are high that it is not allowed in France.

To give an example of other devices that falls under this restriction: some GPS units or DVD players can transmit the sound over an FM channel (the idea is to hear the driving instructions or the movie sound track). This feature is illegal in France.

France has a branch of the police that specifically tracks illegal radio emissions. It uses very sensitive antennas and is incredibly effective, in particular in big cities. I know of somebody who was tracked in less than 10 minutes. In addition to a hefty fine, the emitting device and all related equipment (that would include the camera if the receiver is attached to it) gets confiscated. You've been forewarned!

The Nikon remote does not have that problem since it uses IR, instead of radio emissions, but it's expensive for what it is. I'm considering to get the wireless Phottix N1 remote to use in the US, and stick with the wired control when in France.

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