Custom Curves for the D300

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Re: Custom Curves for the D300

The camera isn't overexposing, it's that darned new "Picture Control" that's messing things up.. In general, the concept of being able to tune many different aspects is a good thing, but I really can't figure out why Nikon chose to create a set of defaults that is so very far different from the behaviour of their previous cameras.. The "standard" profile is in my opinion, completely unusable without significant tweaking, and even then, it's not great.. Of the default profiles, a tweaked "Neutral" is the best one, but I still prefer the D2X profiles- they're still not 100% equivalent, but so much better than the default profiles.. I'm currently using the D2X Mode I with +5/6 sharpness, auto contrast, and b2/m1 tweak to white balance. I find these settings give me the most accurate exposure and out-of-camera colors..

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