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George Adams wrote:

You mention you use the 70-200 for football, is it long enough?

It's great for action that's reasonably close, but it doesn't cover the whole field by any means. Some folks here have posted great football pics from a Sigma 120-300/2.8; I'd loooooove to have that lens, but it's almost twice the price and it's too long for the other uses I'd have for it. So I make do with the 70-200 at night and pull out the 100-400 when I'm lucky enough to shoot a day game.

Edit: George, I should have made this clearer -- Almost all of our football games are Friday nights, with some of the crummiest lights on some of the darkest fields in some of the most light-sucking places I've been. It's a constant struggle to get enough light for a shutter speed that has a chance of stopping action. That's why I prioritize aperture over focal length for football. In daylight shooting, and especially for our afternoon soccer games, the 100-400 would be my choice. Come baseball season, I'll use both. But I'm covering the whole game; that's a bit different from shooting just one player.

Do you stand on the sidelines, or have to shoot from the bleachers?

Sidelines and sometimes end zone. Our league is very small, and I've built a pretty good rapport with most of the referees. As long as I behave myself, stay off the field and out of the box, use no flash, and prioritize getting out of the way over getting the shot, they give me the run of the place. I run up and down the sidelines a lot during a typical game. I didn't do so much running around with the 100-400; I spent more time in the end zone and zoomed in and out a bit more.

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