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Re: Please HELP - shutter button

Another common problem is the shutter and/or shutter button. With the
lens off and the camera in manual examine whether the mirror/ shutter
assembly inside the camera appears to be working
jamming, flotsam jammed in the mechanism. Mirror
lock-up may be helpful to look inside the sensor chamber for dust
bunnies, etc. on the movable parts of the shutter. As for the shutter
button, I've read that these go south over time, too.

My 20D of 2 years has recently started having problems with the preview and all other control buttons not always working (ie. pushing them had no response). Using the idea it was related to the shutter button I experimented with pushing the shutter in different directions, that is a brushing half press not directly in.

What I found, in my case, was half pushing the button toward the lens caused the problem but when pushing it in the opposite direction there was no problem. I had more problems when I used the shutter half-press to wake up the camera to use the preview, but less problems after I took a shoot; so I must use a different direction push in either case.

So I have not fixed the problem of why the shutter button sticks when I push in a particular direction, but I do have a work around - don't push it in that direction :).


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