An easy MB-D10 fix for EL4 battery use

Started Dec 26, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Home Depot or Ace HW or Lowe's or REI

I'm the original poster for the little Kydex plastic battery holder- there was never any cutting apart of anything involved- that was a misinterpretation by someone.. I simply removed the screws and separated door and battery tray an then screwed my replacement battery holder to the door; the whole thing is reversible at any time, if for some unknown reason, I decide that I want to use an ENEL3e in the grip instead of all my stock of ENEL4/4a from my D2Hs..

Anyways, I had considered chunks of foam, etc (all of which I also do have in the shop), but settled on the Kydex because in the final analysis, I determined that the battery door does not seal securely to the grip (and there is a foam gasket around the opening to seal to) unless the door is attached to something that can go inside the battery compartment and prevent the bottom of the door from lifting.. In fact, during testing with just the door and no insert, by lifting the bottom edge of the door sufficiently, I was able to pop the door off the camera, which was an unacceptable outcome.. I thought about a solid foam plug with a couple of holes in the end for the ENEL4 lugs, but in the end, I felt that a solid mechanical connection to the battery was best, and the simplest and fastest way to accomplish this was to just cut out the strip of plastic and screw it to the door..

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