Please advice - Zuiko 14-54 vs 12-60

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Re: Sumit

eaa wrote:

Rexian wrote:
... but if you judge based on the positives/negatives list of "eaa",
you might be making a mistake. I think those who have used both these lenses
are really in a better position to compare these lenses.

It's still possible to compare facts without owning both, isn't it?
And this is really a close call.
Even the authors of the aforementioned test cannot decide...

Yes, it's possible. As long as they do a good comparison like the link ImagenCientifica posted. I didn't mean to insult you though, just wanted to say I give more weight to someone who has both the items being compared.

From eaa's list

  • Increased distortion (wide end)

  • Increased vignetting (wide end)

Guess what, 14-54 doesn't have 12mm FOV. So, while you might get a
bit distortion (which can be fixed in software) with 12-60, you just
don't get the extra coverage with 14-54.

Guess what, everyone knows that!
I therefore did list the extended range of the 12-60 as a plus.
But the 12-60 still distorts more at its wide END than the 14-54.

Hmmm, I am still not sure if your statement makes sense. Had you said "12-60 has more distortion at 14 than 14-54 at 14", it could be a plus for 14-54 (or minus for 12-60). In any case, 12-60 at 14 is pretty decent, only at 12/13 you need some correction if you have vertical lines in your shot.

About vignetting, this is the first time I saw it mentioned
and I wouldn't take it seriously as that person is not an owner.

Well, I have heard of it, and even seen pictures showing it.
This test surely confirms that.
So again - what's being an owner or not got to do with anything?
That said, it's just 1/4 stop (17%), so no big deal really, but a
fact nontheless.
The 14-54 simply excels in this regard.

Well, not if I go with your statement of 1/4 stop light fall of on 12-60 (assuming wide open since you didn't share any link). Check this . 14-54 seems to have rather large light fall off (about 0.7 wide open).

With built-in flash, you'll get get some dark area though at the wider end.

Yes, because the E-3 onboard flash covers till 14 mm FL, not 12 mm.
Another issue is (as I listed) light obstruction of the onboard flash
with the 12-60 mounted, if shooting at close range.
Advantage 14-54 there.

True, but I am not sure if this is an advantage to 14-54. 7-14 (and most lenses wider than 14mm) will cast an even bigger shadow but in landscape shooting, you'll hardly use flash (that too the on-board one).

Resolution-wise I guess the 12-60 is a tiny tad better,
due to its newer aspherical/ED construction.
It ought to be also, concidering the price.

I think it's quite noticeable as every owner has mentioned it. To me, it should be up in the list when spending money on glass, but to each his/her own.

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