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Re: Klez virus question

Ok I just received this. I do believe this attachment that came with it is the virus. The other notices I received from Norton did not have the attachments with it.

"Subj: Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message yo u sent.
Date: 04/29/2002 11:30:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: NAVMSE-PLCEXCHANGE@mail.pritikin.com (NAV for Microsoft Exchange-PLCEXCHANGE)
To: DEEDEE4RE@aol.com ('DEEDEE4RE')

File: NortonAn (1713 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP):

Recipient of the infected attachment: Heather Pena\Inbox
Subject of the message: HTML PUBLIC
One or more attachments were quarantined.
Attachment No.pif was Quarantined for the following reasons:
Virus W32.Klez.gen@mm was found."

So everyone watch out.

DeeDee G.

DM wrote:

Haven't posted here before (An OLY SLR resident) but thought I'd
give it a whirl.

I'm involved in the current Klez virus issues. I keep getting
dozens of "Mail delivery" failure notices that deal with addresses
I've never heard of and e-mails I haven't sent. I'm current with
Norton antivirus running MS outlook express on a Dell PC. Anyone
out there had any luck putting an end to the bombardment short of
changing e-mail addresses? Full computer sweeps repeatedly show no
signs of infection on my unit.

Thanks for any help that's out there.

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