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Re: C'mon David...

To add my .02 to your comment, the NDA they had to sign would allow them to access the letter Canon sent to their dealers or local branches (don't remember) ... which was already on the net for some time.

The fact CHasseur d'Images had to sign a NDA for documents already made public also triggered some anger on their side.

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Poss wrote:

There a few things funnier than two Frenchmen bashing each-other in
English, but not too many...
Joke aside, I too subscribe to CI (your translation of the scanned
text is spot-on BTW) and Chasseur's beef with Canon appears to be the
latter's attitude and actions leading to the official recall. CI was
made to sign a NDA only hours before the official announcement,
following a history of strong denial of any issues by Canon.
That about sums it up...

Life is beautiful

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