D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: D3 sensor efficiency: clarity requested

Thanks. Yes, I had read Emil's paper. It's a pity that so far no one has posted any RAW D3 images suitable for gain analysis. I still don't know where Emil gets his 13.1 from.

As I understand it, the quantum efficiency of a sensor is the number of electrons emitted per incident photon (a fraction always less than 1 in this context). The gain, in electrons per ADU, is a kind of proxy measure for sensor QE, which assumes no non-linear elements from sensor to number in raw file, and also that every camera tested is correctly calibrated to produce the same number in the raw file for a given sensor illuminance.

This is where Bruil's claim that the D3 is incorrectly calibrated for ISO speed in the raw may be significant. (It seems clear from published D3 JPGs that the ISO is correct for them)

I would like to see Emil's bare-sensor flash test done with the D3 side by side with a 5D. That is the only test that would give a clear comparison of sensor efficiency.

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