D300 with SB-400

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Re: D300 with SB-400

I have had the same problem, on a D300 I just opened (for xmas!).

I have the SB-400 attached.

For those shots where the pic is black, the pre-flash fires to check the levels, but the proper flash never fires! Interestingly, for those shots where the subject is less than 1m away, the proper flash fires almost every time. Where it is 5m away, it almost never fires! (only the pre-flash fires)

When I use the internal flash, the exposure is correct EVERY time - there is no problem at all.

Another clue - when the flash is activated (both internal or external), the exposure bar shows that the pic will be very underexposed (the bars are filled all the way to the right, the underexposed side).

If anyone has any ideas, Id v much appreciate them!!
many thanks!

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