Nikon 24-120 VR or Sigma 24-70?

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Re: Nikon 24-120 VR or Sigma 24-70?

tochi wrote:

I've the opportunity to get one of this lens Nikon 24-120 VR or Sigma
24-70 2.8, what will be the best choice? I've already a Nikon 70-200
2.8 and a 85 1.8D. Many thanks for your help.

The 24-120VR is not a very highly regarded lens as far as IQ is concerned. It is sort of "OK" like the 18-200VR, although it has less contrast and poorer color. A friend of mine had one and used it for quite a while, but never liked it. Sometimes we would exchange lenses, and I really disliked it a lot. The bokeh is exceptionally atrocious to my eye. They are cheap for a good reason... If you really want a wide-range zoom with VR, the 18-200 is still probably your best bet; it should be much better than the 24-120VR through the entire range, and is a lot more flexible.

Since you have the 70-200VR, I would strongly urge you to move into something in the pro f/2.8 category -- either the 17-55 if you're DX, or the older Nikon 28-70. Personally, I'd recommend going with Nikon and AF-S if possible because the focusing is so much faster and quieter, but you could consider one of the off-brand "normal" f/2.8 zooms if you have a severe price limitation. There are IQ compromises on all of these lenses compared to the corresponding Nikon lenses.

If price really is an object, I think the Nikon 18-135 (non VR, unfortunately) is still better from an IQ point of view through the entire range.

If you're buying for FX, then your only choice with suitable IQ is the 24-70 or 28-70.


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