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Re: To all, is "LeRentier" affiliated with the magazine ...

The magazine started a first hands on report on a pre-series body and noticed it still had a few shortcomings in the focusing area but otherwise was magnificient.

The test body they were handed later either was perfect or the testers did not notice the glitch, maybe because they did not use conditions which were extreme enough or not with the lens that could have revealed the problems.

The magazine's specialists showed doubt when some people started to complain about the camera because they felt they had not experienced anything fishy themselves.

I suspect the magazine no longer had a MkIII body available when it became obvious that just too many people were reporting difficulties so the magazine turned to Canon for clarification.

Had Canon been on the level there would not have been any issue because the magazine probably would have been more than willing to reflect Canon's own findings and plans to resolve the issue.

No doubt the magazine would have been very happy to relay whatever information Canon would have liked it to in order to calm the storm.

It looks like Canon did everything the wrong way and, in a way, added insult to injury.

If Lafrite's opinion is that the magazine should have done better than maybe he is in a position to create new test protocols which are better adapted to the ever more complex cameras and lenses and thus has a fantastic business opportunity.

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